Pete, James and Isla

You may have noticed the Golden Retriever?

That’s Isla.

She came to one of our co-founders as a puppy on the Guide Dog Training Programme and immediately settled down with a look of satisfaction and confidence that she would not be going anywhere fast.

Sure enough, after a year of happily demonstrating her reluctance to work, she failed her aptitude test and moved in permanently.


We want to help the health system deliver excellent care

Whilst Isla herself may be better suited to a life of relaxation, it struck the founders when we started this business that the Guide Dog Programme has, at it’s core, an aim which we share. They provide people with the help they need to remain independent and to allow them to fulfil their ambitions. We want to help the health system to deliver on that aim as widely as possible. For us, that means: 

  • Providing the information needed to allow clinicians and patients to make decisions quickly and correctly.
  • No more sitting in the waiting room.
  • No more unnecessary appointments.
  • Life is short and the things that we can do with it are too important for that.