Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust enhance surveillance with Isla monitoring platform


Most surgical wounds heal well, however a significant proportion (approximately 21%)  fail to heal due to surgical site infection (SSI) or surgery wound opening. Wound infections after surgery (referred to as ‘surgical site infections’ or SSI) are the most costly healthcare associated infection. SSI range from a superficial skin infection to life-threatening complications. Importantly, the majority of SSI are believed to be preventable. 


RBHT has partnered with Isla to ensure that patients are kept safe after surgery. This involves a surgical site photo captured at the point of discharge, in line with best practice observations. Following the photo at discharge, patients are asked to submit a series of wound images over the weeks following discharge, so that surveillance teams can react quickly to keep patients safe. 


Nora Mayer, SpR Cardiothoracic Surgery said: 

We, the thoracic champions in Harefield Hospital, recently launched the progressive web app solution ISLA Photo at Discharge to achieve comprehensive SSI surveillance bridging postoperative acute and community care. ISLA is ideal for retrieving reliable wound information which can be easily uploaded by the patient through simply clicking on a link they have received to their mobile phone.

The ISLA team has always and continuously shown to be of great help, they function more as an additional part of our team than a separate institution. The patient acceptance of ISLA has been very good so far.