Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Trust enhance wound monitoring with Isla


Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital provide specialist services in cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, and respiratory medicine. One of the many ways in which LHCH ensures best care is through innovation, research and partnerships. LHCH has partnered with Isla to ensure that wounds are monitored appropriately after surgery.


The wound care team in the Cedar ward at LHCH has been using the Isla platform to capture a photo at discharge both for the patient record and to share with the patient along with care instructions. The team is also using the platform for 30-day follow ups and to request images and forms from the patient when a patient experiences some discomfort or notices a deterioration in their wound. To aid this process the Isla team has created Patient SSI forms and Photo at Discharge forms to capture various details about the wounds for better monitoring. This allows the monitoring team to be sited on any changes in a patient’s condition, enables early infection detection and provides patients with a platform to share their post-operative experience.


‘’The Isla platform has proven to be very useful in being able to identify patients who may have developed a wound infection after discharge, appropriate support and advice could then be given. A series of wound photographs is displayed which makes monitoring wound healing quick and easy.’’ – Julie Tyrer, Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant