A Virtual Clinic Review Platform

Understand your patients’ conditions better with Isla’s visual record platform, displaying key clinical information to help you make the right decision first time

Monitor the progression of a condition at a glance with sequential presentation of images andor videos, showing clearly how conditions are changing over time.

Reduce administrative burdens by automating the whole collection process with bespoke scheduling.

Set custom SMS templates direct from your Trust and get high response rates by allowing patient data submission without needing to install an app, or even log in!

Share a record with colleagues for advice or input, add comments and collaborate within the platform.


Secure and Interoperable

Isla is built to comply with the most robust web security standards.


Fully NHS Digital compliant, with all data fully encrypted with 256 bit encryption in transition and in storage.

Data storage

All data is stored and backed up within the UK, with scalable cloud storage, so you can access data from anywhere and avoid limits.


Fully HL7 and FHIR interoperable, allowing Trust data to flow seamlessly from the EPR into the Isla platform. Isla also supports a native integration with EMIS to save updates into the EPR directly.


Full control over all patient communications, privacy controls and workflow configurations.

If you’re interested in using our technology, we would love to have a conversation to understand more

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