We partner with Acute Trusts, Community Trusts and Social Care Organisations to help deliver a range of services.

Wound care

Wound care costs the NHS over £5bn a year. Wounds can remain for months or years and we don’t have sufficient Tissue Viability capability to monitor all wounds closely.


Storage of visual data is already well adopted across Dermatology. We are extending this to the community to allow faster escalation of heath concerns and to allow continued monitoring into the community.


It is immensely valuable for Neurology consultants to be able to see patient seizures. These are unlikely in a face to face setting, but allowing a patient to upload a video directly to their own patient record can be a close alternative.

Post surgery follow up

Clinicians are under huge pressure to reduce follow up ratios, but don’t have the clinical confidence to make a “no follow up” call so shortly after surgery. Isla's ability to provide a 360 view of the patient's condition gives confidence in remote decision making and defering follow up appointments.

Health monitoring

As a social care professional, you may be the very first person to spot an emerging health concern with somebody who you care for. The ability to safely record an image or video showing the health concern and to pass this on to a GP or other health professional could result in much earlier treatment and avoid later escalation to hospital.

Ongoing needs assesments

Keeping an up to date understanding of the most current needs of each Service User is a significant challenge. Using ISLA’s technology to record small changes in a person’s care needs means that care packages can be easily reviewed, ensuring that individuals receive the right amount of support.

Isla's case studies from our partner organisations

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