Secure Healthcare Monitoring, via the Cloud.

Isla is your intuitive and scalable solution to capture, review and follow-up with patients remotely.

Approved by NHS Digital

See health differently

We provide clinicians with the platform they need to receive, review and store images and videos directly from patients. This provides valuable clinical context for decision making whilst delivering convenient care for patients. The Isla platform is intuitive, endlessly scalable and approved by NHS Digital as a cloud storage solution.

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Why use Isla?

We keep patients safe at home by surfacing rich monitoring data like photos, videos, voice notes and structured clinical assessments from patients or their family at home through to clinicians in real time and present it in exactly the way they need to see it.


Monitor patients at home and react quickly to deterioration

Vulnerable patients can go downhill quickly. Isla allows clinical teams to automate the monitoring process and request whatever important content they need to see from patients, however frequently they need it.

Patient Experience

Feel looked after, with just a couple of clicks

Isla allows patients to submit directly into their Isla record with a brief identity confirmation. No need to download an app or create an account, which is stressful for patients and causes a significant drop in response rates.


Interoperable and configurable

Isla integrates into hospital systems, either natively, like with EMIS or the Spine, or through FHIR or HL7 interoperability standards. The result is patients are ready in Isla when needed, and data captured into Isla can be saved back to Trust systems automatically. No need for admin staff. No risk of fragmented data.

Security and Compliance

A secure portal without any data saved locally

We use 256-bit server side encryption to secure all data and present this to the end user on demand without local storage. No data is stored locally on devices. We are 100% compliant with the NHS DSP Toolkit, accredited by CyberEssentials and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and NHS Digital (ODS Code: 8KF89).


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